Les damos la más cordial bienvenida a la XV Feria de Investigación de la Universidad de La Frontera, FIUFRO 2021 ¡VIVIR LA CIENCIA!
Visita nuestra Galería Virtual 360º y cada investigación en formato VIDEO, PODCAST y PÓSTER en nuestro sitio web. 
Celebra con nosotros esta fiesta ciudadana del conocimiento, en el mes de la ciencia y en la conmemoración de los 40 años de vida de nuestra institución. 


Dr. Rodrigo Navia D. 
Vicerrector de Investigación y Postgrado UFRO

Dra. Carolina Navarrete G. 
Directora de Investigación UFRO. 


Chalieymün kom pu lamngen, kom pu mangel ka kom pu che Feria de Investigación mangelu ka küpalu. Küme akuymün ka küme küpalün faw. Tüfachi feria dewmaley  Vicerrectoría de Investigación y Postgrado, Universidad de La Frontera pingelu,  Dirección de Investigación mew. Feyti trokiñ mew niey Vicerrector de Investigación ka Postgrado engu, Dr. Rodrigo Navia pingey kam Directora de Investigación Dra. Carolina Navarrete pingey. Feyti che küdawküley nentual feria, firtualdungu, feymew kümelelay taiñ tremon kom Wallmapu mew.

Tüfachi FIUFRO, doy küme dungu, feymew akulepay meli mari tripantü Frontera Fütra Chillkatuwe mew, doy kümke dungu taiñ pu che, pu chillkatufe, pu kimeltuchefe ka küdawfekeche küdawkülelu tachi ruka mew. 

Tüfachi mari kechulelu Feria Investigacion mew, rume küdawniekey pu adkintupelu, feyti chi che küdawniekey itrokom püle, ñi ruka mew, ñi universidad ka ñi kom lelfün püle adkintual ka nentual ñi investigación pingelu. Fewla feria dewmakey plataforma virtual, podscast, poster ayikelu ka rupalu.

Pewmangen küme tripay tachi trawün mew, kom eymün kintual ñi dungu www.fiufro.cl, ka kiñeke virtual rüpü mülelu.

Amulepe tachi dungu!

Greetings to the University Community!

We cordially welcome you to the XV Research Fair, FIUFRO 2021, an annual scientific outreach event hosted by the Office of the Vice-Rector of Research and Graduate Studies of the Universidad de La Frontera through the Office of Research. On this occasion, recognition must be paid to the hard work of the organizers, the Vice-Rector of Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. Rodrigo Navia, and the Director of Research, Dr. Carolina Navarrete, mainly due to the challenge of continuing with this emblematic fair online, despite the health context in which we find ourselves.

This FIUFRO is special, because it is undertaken within the framework of the Universidad de La Frontera’s 40 years in operation, during which time the university has been characterized by its commitment to science, knowledge and research in addition to close ties to the community. It is as part of this relationship that events like the FIUFRO Research Fair take place, providing information and outreach about our in-house research work, addressing mainly the school and university community, but also with a strong citizen-based focus.

The XV FIUFRO Research Fair would not be possible without the commitment of the researchers, who are sharing their knowledge and research activities, adapting to alternative formats due to the current health situation. This is the second time that an online platform will be used, and on this occasion, there will be educational and dynamic video capsules, podcasts and posters.

We invite the university, school and wider community to participate in the various activities offered by the XV FIUFRO Research Fair through the different online broadcast channels, principally www.fiufro.cl.

Everyone is very welcome!